Top 10 One Hit Wonders from the 90’s

Top 10 One Hit Wonders from the 90’s

sexta-feira, 20 janeiro 2017

A new year, a new beggining… Yar!

Dudes and dudettes! Its a pleasure to meet you again. It’s CPO Lagarto speaking and, this time, gotta introduce myself as one of the ship’s writers bringing you, from now on, brand new weekly readings to fullfill your young hearts anxious for stories from my adventures and answers from my travels aboard the SoS.

Its being a while since I was brought to this no man’s land, and in the last decades, I saw great, strange, awful and sometimes, even surprising stuff. Men reach the sky at a glimpse of an eye and men disapear like the bottles of that good wine, right Capt? Thinking about it, I bring you, mateys, the TOP TEN ONE HIT WONDERS FROM THE 90’S, 90’S, 90’S… (Echo simulator)
Anyways, It’s time to share some of these shipwrecking stories with you kiddos!

So, shall we begin?

10 – Butthole Surfers – Pepper

Ok, those kids were strange. And I’m not talking about cool strange, like that awesome fancy wizard from Marvel, I mean STRANGE for real. Their greatest success was an obscure song that talks about 10 people that were flirting with death. Some survived, some don’t. It’s unknow how Pepper hit the top of the parades and sticked into our heads, but its catchy rythm will live forever, even if the band don’t.



9 – Seven Mary Three – Cumbersome

Oh, love… That passionate feeling that makes us float into a drunk state of happiness, fight with a gang of 3 fat guys for her honor at a rock concert or fall into the deepest sadness, writing sissy ballads while emptying out countless bottles at an hotel room. Here, a guy whose heart was broken by a cold woman throws it all on his ex like “stones throw to build up a wall”. With a sticky chorus, this song went up the charts and guaranteed sold out tickets to the next tours… Even thou people usually leave immediately after this song is played.


8 – Candlebox – Far Behind

“A power rock ballad with that sad touch of losing someone”. This could be on its epitaph, but this song is “far behind” of dying, even 24 years later. Its lyrics represent how hard can be to manage the loss of a friend and move on, as some of the greatest songs (particulary in grunge) do. Said to be a tribute to Andrew Wood (mates, this guy could inspire others, huh?) from Mother Love Bone, beautiful and powerful, this gem stays alive on our hearts and on the radios.


7 – Hammerbox – Trip

Apart of the song’s main character’s obsession for sunshines this is a great rocking song, hehe… It’s all here! The big riff, the catchy chorus with backing vocals, some slow bridge and a powerful solo, making this song even appear on a game called Road Rash’s soundtrack! Love again figures as the main subject and this time, the girl tries to teach hes guy how to treat a woman. Yeah! Dunno… If he did know, this gem would never be born.


6 – Semisonic – Closing Time

Althought silly, Closing Time has its merits. Its a good song about the closing of something, not necessarily a bar, but a relationship or even a contract, if that applies to you. Also, after its recording, the guys from Semisonic had another pick when choosing their ending song at their gigs. One way or another, this was the first and last hit from the band, ironicaly closing any further attempt of success.


5 – Spacehog – In The Meantime

Google it and MAYBE the most relevant fact about this band is that its singer was, at one point, married to Liv Tyler. Well, if the most recognizable thing about your carreer is this single fact, you’re probably doing it wrong, kid. In other hand, “In the Meantime” is upbeat, catchy and a real fun song… Unlike their other ones.


4 – Sugar Ray – Every Morning

Sugar Ray probably got some attention with fly, another beach rock surfer wannabe’s style track that was released 2 years before this song, but as they struggled with critics that, at that time were already naming them “one hit wonders”, Every Morning came up on their 1999’s release 14:59 (a reference to them ending their 15 minutes of fame). The plan worked and they were catapulted to the top of the charts again. Even so, it was their best hit ever, and apart of having Fly, it was not enought to leave them out of this list.


3 – The Breeders – Cannonball

Owner of one of the best and most recognizable bass lines ever, Cannonball speaks by itself. Kim (former Pixies) and his sister Kelley Deal joined forces and created this 90’s alternative tune. Unfortunately, the other tracks in Last Splash, their second album, were not so good, turning Cannonball indeed, their last splash.


2 – 4 Non Blondes – Whats Up?

One of the most played video on MTV ever would not be left out of this list, huh? Some find this one of the Anthems of the 90’s and, indeed, it really is. It’s a shame that Linda Perry, it’s songwriter, grew bored of this song and this four non blondes group, leaving them 1 year later because she found them too pop-ish. The funny thing is that today she has become one of the most sold out writers in the industry after working with Pink, Christina Aguillera and many other pop artists. Life is a Ferris wheel, sailors…


1 – New Radicals – You Get What You Give

And in the top of the list, of course, 1998’s next BIG thing thingy! In a time that what was reigning was nu metal and punk rock, this strange mix of rythms, from soul to funk reached the top. Despite its critics to Beck, Hanson, Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson wich were pretty cool at the time, this song was upbeat and really catchy, remaining till today, one of the best songs of that decade, and the New Radicals only true hit, since its frontman Gregg Alexander, left the searchlights to hide in the shadows in the middle of its huge success, decreting the burial of his band. Well… You get what you give.




Crash Test Dummies – Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm

Obscure song. Canuck band. Dumb and Dumber Soundtrack.


Toadies – Possum Kingdom

Texas Folklore Origin. Burning people turning to smoke and calling for others to join. Damm.



And this is it, mateys! See you next time with another great post to fulfill your hearts and souls! Till we meet again stay away from the sharks and, if you’re on winter lands, don’t you eat the yellow snow! Hasta!


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  1. Riven Melito says:

    Hahaha, great list, and filled with good info. Nice job, Caio! P.s.: If he was married with Liv Tyler, he was doing at least one thing right! hehehe

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