The Ship, 2017

The Ship, 2017

terça-feira, 03 janeiro 2017

Hello folks.
I´m really sorry for all the delay on releasing the site. We had a few setbacks that prevented us to get back online, but thats alright, as the poet says: shit happens. What matters is that now we are back, and with a new proposal. The radio will continue, the chat and the crew too, of course. But we talked and decided it would be more productive for us to actually bring you all some content, instead of just asking you to stop by and say hello. So now we are gonna try our best to bring good information and material about music, and lets be honest here: thats what we are here about.
So I hope to have your company with us this year, and thanks for reading this!

Captain Riven

The Cap is the guy that keeps this raft afloating, making sure the crew keeps the deck clean and all those ´tatoes peeled. A-hoy!

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