Pirate Lagarto

Top 10 One Hit Wonders from the 90’s

A new year, a new beggining… Yar! Dudes and dudettes! Its a pleasure to meet you again. It’s CPO Lagarto speaking and, this time, gotta introduce myself as one of the ship’s writers bringing you, from now on, brand new weekly readings to fullfill your young hearts anxious for stories from my adventures and answers from my travels aboard the SoS. Its being a while since I was brought to this no man’s land, and in the last decades, I...

sexta-feira, 20 janeiro 2017
Ship of Sound Comics 004

Hello, folks. I´m sorry for the delay again, but the comics are still coming, even if only one per month. And this time I had to pay respect for one of the most influent artist in contemporary music. David Bowie. Een if you don´t like him or his art, sure you can find at least one song that says something for you. Hope you like this comic. See you next month! Or not...

segunda-feira, 11 abril 2016
Ship of Sound Comics 003

  Hey Y´all! Sorry for all the delay. I was busy for some time, but now we are back on business. Thanks for all the good things you all said about the comics. Glad to be doing something cool. Presenting now a new character: Rick!!! And also, we achieved a Premium broadcast on Radionomy, our web streaming service. Thats good new, because now we are here to stay, ahahhaha! Gotta keep listening to our radio, with the best from Alternative,...

terça-feira, 15 março 2016