Ship of Sound Comics 008

Ship of Sound Comics 008

segunda-feira, 23 janeiro 2017

ship of sound 008

A-hoy! The comic is back, finally! Well, since the site was offline for almost 6 months, and the radio were just playing on Tunein, I haven´t got the need to draw again. But that changes from now on, gladly. Instead of every month, my aim is to launch a new page every 2 weeks. And I really want to stick to that schedule.

Speaking of scheduling, the battle between Steven Wilson and the Emopuss is coming to an end. Who is gonna win? I can tell, but may have to kill you. Hahah. Hope you like it, see ya in 15 days.

Captain Riven

The Cap is the guy that keeps this raft afloating, making sure the crew keeps the deck clean and all those ´tatoes peeled. A-hoy!

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  1. Lagarto says:

    Wow! It was fast!
    Let’s see how Wilson will handle the next and last round!

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