Ship of Sound Comics 007

Ship of Sound Comics 007

sexta-feira, 15 julho 2016



Hello children! I know many of you may never played Street Fighter 2, but I really don´t care. Hahaha. Thats a mean author right there. Well, hope you like the comics. My original tought was to make all 3 rounds in one comic, but that would make it too big to read, so I split it in 3, anyways.

That means, we will have at least 2 more rounds of Wilson vs the Emopuss for your delight. Hang on! The next ones will be quicker to appear.

See ya soon!

Captain Riven

The Cap is the guy that keeps this raft afloating, making sure the crew keeps the deck clean and all those ´tatoes peeled. A-hoy!

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