My 10 best Pearl Jam songs

My 10 best Pearl Jam songs

segunda-feira, 09 janeiro 2017

A-hoy, mate! I bring a surprise for you, sea dogs! This is one of our new ideas for the Ship, to start using our blog effectively, by bringing new contents to it, so we can enrich our users experience and on top of that, create some more matters to discuss while listening to some good music in the radio. What do you think? Is it a good idea?

So, one kind of post we tought about is the creation of lists. Yeah, those ill-intended lists we all love or hate. Everything goes, thats related to music. And I choose for my first take on this category, the top 10 Pearl Jam songs (until the moment). Since I’m a long time fan of them, and one of the reasons I started broadcasting music online (r.i.p. GS), nothing more suiting than starting with the good ol’ PJ, right?

Ok, but first I need to explain my process: this is MY list, not a best-of-commercial-radio-list of some sort. Those are the songs that beste represent the Seattle band in my opinion, and I’m gonna explain each one of them and why they were picked. So don’t even start complaining about the lack of this and that song or album. Also, I’ve even added covers, and will explain why if they end up in the final list (also, no solo carreer). I totally will understand your opinion and we can discuss it plenty on the chat, but as I said, “Thats my list, biatch”. That ok? Good.

Now, while creating this list I started by selecting the ones that would figure as the best ones, regardless of number. That ended on a Spotify list of 25 créme de la créme songs, and from those the selected 10 will be listed here individually. The Spotify list with the whole 21 is at the end of the post. Now to the songs!

Pearl Jam before their 1st gig, 26 years ago


#10 – In my Tree (No Code)

I must admit this album is not on my faves (some great tunes but the whole album misses a bit), but this song… Ah, this song… Its so beautiful in its simplicity, (although the drum lines from Jack Irons aren’t easy at all) that creates the perfect vibe for what the lyrics mean. Just sitting there, in your own world (tree), watching people passing by with their stupid lifes. And thats exactly what I feel when I hear it. Amazing.


#9 – MFC (Yield)

Now, this one is THE album, really. Pratically every f#&2#*$ song is relevant in some way, and this one… I remember perfectly the first time I’ve heard, I was doing something else on the other side of the house listening to my recently bought cd and when that riff started I ran to check the name of the song. And since there wasn’t much internet where I lived back then, it took me a few years to find out what MFC meant. Also a bit disappointing, because I didn’t knew english by the time. MFC stands for Mini Fast Car, those Mini Coopers from Europe. As Vedder said: “They’ve got really small wheels, it’s amazing how fast they can go. It’s kinda like me, yeah (laughing).”


#8 – State of Love and Trust (Singles OST)

Yeah, I’m playin some Live clips for some tunes in this list. Thats because PJ live is a totally different experience and I think it worths the shot. Specially in this song, that represents the beginning of the band, being one of the songs that quite didn’t came into the first record. Just the fact that is one of the best performances of the original drummer, Dave Krusen, makes it the number 8 in the list.


#7 -Animal (Vs.)

An old clip now, because maybe life was easier back then.  But they still have the vibe, but not so jumpy now. This was an emblematic performance, specially because of the special features. But the song along totally deserves fudge, I mean, to be placed in this list. Number 7 because I rather be with an animal.

#6 – Black (Ten)

Ok, ok . I can’t just make a top list of Pearl Jam songs and don’t include Black. I know, I know. Despite the fact that after Alive this probably is the most recognizable song of the band, and I personally kind a grew tired of it, its just impossible to deny that this song played a huuuuge part of my life. So many times I’ve relayed on its lyrics to portrait my teenage angsts. Its sad. But beautiful. Then I decided to play for you its best version, from the MTV Unplugged. Shitty video, delicious music.


#5 – W.M.A. (Vs.)

Any doubt that Vs. may be one of the best PJ albums? No? Ok then. This is such an interesting song, and again, not only for the excelent drums and beautiful bass line, but also the story behind it that I found on  W.M.A. stands for “White Male American” (again, I didn´t know for many years) Eddie Vedder explained that  “I think I’d probably stayed at the rehearsal studio the night before and it had been a couple of days since I had a shower and I’ve got my old shoes on and I don’t look too great, a little grunge on my teeth or whatever. And I’m sitting there with this guy who’s of a darker color than me, and along come these cops, they run around with their bikes trying to look cool. So here they come, they’re heading straight for us. And they just ignored me and [started] hassling him. Compared to me, this guy looks as respectable as f–k. But they started hassling him, and that just blew me the f–k away. So I started hassling them and one thing led to another… I was just really wound up by it. I had all this f–king energy rushing through me. I was mad. Really f–king angry. I got back to the studio and the guys had been working on this thing and I just went straight in and did the vocals, and that was the song.”


#4 – Corduroy (Vitalogy)

Counting to the end of the list, Corduroy. A personal best from this great album, where we have also Better man and other gems. But Corduroy has huge space in my heart because it was one of the first songs they played the first time PJ went to Curitiba, Brasil, where I now live. By that time I had to travel for 450 kilometers to see the show, and the emotion to see it live for the very first time after 15 years was so overwhelming. And then, “the waiting drove me mad”! How could this song not to be in this list? I even found the video of that very show, wich you can see now.


#3 – Just Breathe (Backspacer)

I´m actually not a particular fan of the last few albums Pearl Jam released. Despite some amazing songs, the whole record is not that great in my opinion, but Backspacer contains 2 of the top 3 songs of this list. Strangely paradoxal, right? Well, what can I say about this song except that its one of the most amazing lyrics I´ve ever heard, the arrangements and everything in it just makes this the number 3 in the list, just for the tear factor alone.


#2 – Untought Known (Backspacer)

Now, this is a bg surprise for me. Suddenly inside Backspacer comes this great tune, outtanowhere, that I just can´t help but play it every fracking day. And theres only a handfull of tunes that gives me that urge (like  Standing Next to Me, from The Last Shadow Puppets). Untought Known is a perfect gem, made for a better planet that we need to buid. I wont even say anything, just watch.


#1 – Given to Fly (Yield)

You wouldn´t expect that, would you? The two best songs (in my personal list) to be songs about humanity. But it perfectly fits, for me at least. Given to fly is just a song that makes me wonder everytime I hear it. Wonder about my life, my goals and desires. My ambitions or the lack of it. And thats what makes this one the best song from one of  the best bands in the world. I used to have the Touring Band 2000 dvd, a great video that I just watched all along for years, and this song in the show is what you see next. Also, if you wanna check the whole 25 preliminary list made for this post, is right behind there. See ya next time! A-hoy!


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  1. Lagarto says:

    Freaking nailed it, bro! Specially in the top two! Couldn’t agree more with those!

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