A new year, a new travel

A new year, a new travel

terça-feira, 26 janeiro 2016

So, 2016 is starting, and i tought it would be good to have a little recap on what is the Ship of Sound. At first, it may be interesting to remember where we came from. The late Grooveshark brough us together, joining several music fans together in the same style, that being Alternative, Grunge, and a few of good Indies and Rock. Despite the fact we all like diferent stuff mostly, our musical genres collapsed in the same ideas, and on top of that, a great community arrived. Until Grooveshark died.
After searching alternatives for a few months, we finally got here. Our very own site was created, with our very own online radio that broadcasts our very own kind of music. Now we can be reached worldwide, 24 houra a day, 7 days a week. You can listen to the ship on android, iphone, mac, winamp, or any pc around you. And also, its in our plans to create a dedicated radio server, so we could have much more content, without ads! Just wait a little bit.
Now that the Ship already reached over 2 years, from the old Mixtape (now Ship of Sound), and in this moment I would like to set our destiny for this year: bring more people in, and keep on broadcasting good music. The rest will come.
So, if you are reading this, take a few minutes to enter the chat and meet us, listen to some good tunes and even suggest us things you would like to listen.
Come sail with us. A-hoy!

Captain Riven

The Cap is the guy that keeps this raft afloating, making sure the crew keeps the deck clean and all those ´tatoes peeled. A-hoy!

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