3 new bands that totally sounds like old bands

3 new bands that totally sounds like old bands

domingo, 12 fevereiro 2017

A-hoy, welcome back! Today the Ship of Sound brings you 3 relatively new bands (not more than 10 years since their 1st album) that sounds like those old bands from decades ago. This was an idea I had when that old question came (again) on the other day: Is there any new good bands today? Isn´t the musical scene just a money-machine-maker nowadays? Well, it is, but at the same time, it isn´t. First of all, before start reading, scroll down and start listening to the spotify list I´ve made for this post. Then comeback here and lets start our journey.


The War on Drugs

Adam Granduciel, from The War on Drugs

Adam Granduciel, from The War on Drugs

If you like Tom Petty, you are on the same school of The War on Drugs, visibly their fountain of inspiration, and also an openly influence for the singer/composer Adam Granduciel, who has no shame on admitting that. Listening to this band from Philadelphia its pratically impossible not to relate their music to classics as Petty, Bylan, Neil Young and Springsteen. All the more motives to feel the vibe of the 70´s/80´s classic rock.

Their first album came from 2008, still with the influence of Kurt Vile, by that time the lead guitar, who left for solo carreer right on the same period. Also influenced by the genre, Vile would be another great adition to this little list, but the idea today is to spread in genres. For The War on Drugs, things got very good, tough. Over 3 records later, and after dealing with depression, the band released Lost in The Dream(2014), wich is an album that could pratically have been recorded in 1985. Beautiful and meaningful, just like a Rod Steward song, Red Eyes is the choice of this album, but also Under the Pressure worth a listening, for all the Petty´s fans. But you wouldn´t miss their older records. Slave Ambient(2011)  is so good, a few songs even catch up on some good old U2 from the best of times (Come to the City is classical Joshua Tree, I teel ya).

Official site: http://www.thewarondrugs.net/



The band name is Ought

The band name is Ought


Lets now move on to the classic rock and start drinking from alternative and post-punk around the 80´s ans 90´s bands like Talking Heads, Pavement, Sonic Youth and introduce your to Ought. Yes, Ought. Write down that name, because you need to hear it, to devour their (by the time I´m writing this) 2 full records and couple EPs. Its such a vibe for the bands mentioned before, you pratically feel yourself in a shady lane, where you may ask yourself ´where is my fancy automobile?´, and wishing to just incinerate everything out. Aw, the firemen are so nice…

This Post-punk Montreal based quartet started in 2012 and only a couple years later released their first album, wich contains the hit Habit, a classic hommage to Talking Heads vibe an feeling. Something a little similar to another band I personally love, Yuck, that also has this post-punk/alternative attitude. And a show with both of them would be amazing to watch. Check them all out, both Ought and Yuck, you won´t regret it.

Official site: http://cstrecords.com/ought/



The Allah-Las

The Allah-Las


California is the base of this group, and it couldn´t be a better base. Their music smells like summers from the 60´s, when people got to the beach for some gooving time. The Kinks, The Zombies, Beach Boys even. A nice memory of old garage bands, and the good mexican summer rock that even if you haven´t lived it, still brings back feelings. And now, bringing this idea of bands that sound like old bands, we only have to be thankfull someone in the world decided to retrieve that time.

Allah-Las is also pretty new, 3 of the members used to work together in Amoeba Records, when decided to form the group back in 2008. And now after 3 albums and several mentions in respected magazines over the world, they bring some of their best work. It must look simple, like The Kinks used to do back in the day, but the Allah-Las music has just the right texture, the same depth and care for a feel-good music, perfect for when you need to revive old times that won´t ever come back.

What do you think? Do you like them or any of the bands we talked here? Wich ones would you suggest? Make your comments and talk about that in the chat. The Ship of Sound salutes you!

Official site: http://allah-las.com/


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